MIL SPEC Crating

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MIL SPEC Crating


MIL Spec Crating

All of our crates are made from heat treated lumber and are quality 100% control inspected before they leave our dock.  We can provide foam inserts to your crate to meet any and all MIL spec standards.

One Way

Returnable – Reusable Rocket Motor Crates

Returnable – Reusable Crates for General Use

Liberty Crate

It’s Called The Liberty Crate Because:
Liberates Warehouse Space 5:1 by Storing LIBERTY CRATES KDF (Knock Down Flat);
•  Liberates Cash by 5:1 due to Extended Life Cycle;
•  Liberates Initial Investment Cash By Enabling Replacement of Removable Top, Sides, Ends & Base;
•  Liberates Assembly Restrictions Requiring Use of Power Tools;
•  Liberates The Use of Wood Screws and Nails Because The LIBERTY CRATE Is Assembled As NeededWith Spring Steel Clips;
•  Promotes The Look of Professionalism Because The LIBERTY CRATE Is CNC Produced.

Our Services

•  Solution Development

•  Custom Packaging Design

•  Engineering Design Assistance

•  VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) on Site or Electronically

•  JIT (Just-In-Time) Supplier

•  Recycling of Customer’s Foam & Corrugated Products

•  Short Lead Times

•  Drop Testing

•  CAD Design

•  Fulfillment & Distribution

Custom Crates