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Custom Fabricated Corrugated



We are a sheet plant complete with die cutting capabilities for any of your corrugated needs.     

Kongsberg table for quick turn around on prototypes   

Die Cutters   

Box Set up and Assembly Capabilities   

Stitching Equipment


Examples of board grades we stock and or run here in our sheet plant   

Mullen Board   

Black Conductive   

ECT Board   

V3C, W5C, V11C   

Oyster White   

Triple Wall

Our Services

•  Solution Development

•  Custom Packaging Design

•  Engineering Design Assistance

•  VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) on Site or Electronically

•  JIT (Just-In-Time) Supplier

•  Recycling of Customer’s Foam & Corrugated Products

•  Short Lead Times

•  Drop Testing

•  CAD Design

•  Fulfillment & Distribution


RSC (Regular Slotted Container) & HSC (Half Slotted Container)

RSC’s are the most common of all box types.  We can produce a one piece box with a blank size up to 140″.  HSC’s are RSC’s with only one set of flaps

FOL (Full Overlap Slotted Container)

FOL’s are very similar to RSC’s with the exception of the flaps.  FOL’s have flaps that fully overlap each other.  This gives the box more strength on the ends to prevent blow outs during handling or shipping heavier products.

5 Panel Folder

5 panel folders are similar to RSC’s except they are folded and taped together instead of gluing the panels together.  This box style is popular because they are useful for longer products that are difficult to load through a small opening at the end of a long RSC.

1 Panel Folder
One panel folders are popular because they are easy to load and they are less expensive than most thinner style end loaded RSC boxes.  As an option we can glue the foam pieces directly to the 1 panel folder directly shortening the load time for each carton even more and still allows the boxes to ship to you flat.
Trays can be used as an open style tote or we can make them telescope as a closed carton.  Telescoping trays are stronger than long end loading RSC’s and are easier to load than 5 panel folders.
Partitions are an excellent alternative to compartmentalized foam inserts.  Partitions can be made from single or double wall corrugated.  They are very easy to collapse for storage and will increase the stacking strength of any box
Rolled End Tuck Front Boxes
Rolled end tuck front boxes are the most popular of all of the die cut boxes we make.  They are very easy to set up and load. These boxes are very strong due to the corrugation direction.
Specialty Die Cuts
Specialty die cut corrugated pieces are used in all types of products.  We can manufacture any die cut corrugated product out of single or double wall corrugated.